Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, Water Planning and Stewardship Committee October 10, 2016

Transcript of interaction between San Diego County Water Authority Director and MWD

Director Lewinger:  Thank you Mr. Chairman.  Roger I’m glad to hear that we finally might be hearing some proposals from both between the Federal and State contractors and among the State contractors.  Mr. Chairman, the public speaker from the Water Watch today, spoke at today’s committee, is absolutely right about the fact that the time to talk about how WaterFix cost will be allocated here at the MWD, among our member agencies is long overdue.  Director Dake did make a request at the April Board retreat, six months ago, and a number of other directors have requested this subject be placed on the Board agenda for discussion on more than one occasion over the past several months since then, including requests at Water Planning, Bay-Delta, and Executive Committee, and yet nothing has happened.

So I’m gonna make a formal motion now that staff be directed to place on the November Board agenda a detailed staff report and recommendation for Board discussion of how WaterFix costs are planned by staff to be allocated among member agencies of MWD, including any existing or new water rates and charges, any property tax component, and any alternative fixed cost recovery charges, under the MWD act.

Director Steiner: Second.

Committee Chairman De Jesus (1:21:07):  So we gonna hold that for future agenda.

Lewinger: Chairman, it’s been moved and seconded.

De Jesus: That, it’s not on the agenda, for any action; so you are out of order.

Lewinger:  Mr. Chairman, there’s an item on the agenda, the Bay-Delta matters, this is directly applicable to the WaterFix.  I am making a motion that is item be placed on the agenda for next month and it’s been seconded.

De Jesus:  I’m going to have to refer to legal counsel as to whether or not that’s even appropriate.

Legal Counsel:  There is not an action item proposed on the agenda.

De Jesus:  That’s what I thought.

Lewinger:  Mr. Chairman, that’s bullshit.

De Jesus:  And I’ll quote you on that.

~Background voices/laughter~

De Jesus:  We’ll consider that for future agenda item.