MWD Races Past Public Process on Cal-Water Fix Decision

MWD staff has been lobbying for the state’s massive $15+ billion Twin Tunnels proposal in the Bay-Delta for years, despite the fact that the agency’s Board hasn’t taken a formal position on the project.

Now MWD leaders are rushing a decision through – giving their board less than 30 days to assess foundational financial materials of one of the largest public works projects in history — before calling for a vote. This schedule does not provide sufficient time for MWD’s member agencies and sub-agencies to properly analyze the data, inform the public, or seek input from their governing boards.  This timeline makes even less sense when the water rights permit for the tunnels, which may impact the amount of water the tunnels can produce, is not expected until 2018.

MWD needs to provide answers to key questions before pressuring its board to make a decision:

  • How much water will actually be produced?
  • What portion of the cost will be put on rates?
  • What agencies statewide will commit to paying for improvements?
  • Will the higher MWD rates hamper local supply development?

MWD has must also allow for a more complete and full public involvement in this decision, which almost certainly will saddle MWD and Southern California with at least $4 billion or more in new debt.

To learn more, read the Water Authority letter to MWD outlining their concerns: