MWD Tries to Force Quick WaterFix Vote

Board members of the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California are being asked to support the state’s multi-billion dollar WaterFix proposal for the Bay-Delta with less than 30 days to analyze critical cost-benefit information, seek public comment and gather input from their governing boards.

The Water Authority has not taken a position on WaterFix. MWD’s Board hasn’t taken a position either, but staff has been aggressively promoting the $15+ billion project for months via an outreach campaign.

The Water Authority’s four delegates to MWD have asked MWD Board Chair Randy Record to extend MWD’s timeframe by at least a month given the complexity of the proposal and the fact that critical questions remain unanswered. “There is no urgency we are aware of dictating an MWD Board vote in September, on such a tight schedule,” the Water Authority’s delegates said in a June 9 letter to Record.

The delegates also raised numerous fundamental issues that should be addressed before MWD’s Board takes a position, including: the supply benefit, if any, created by the project; the financing plan and how the costs will be split among agencies statewide, including the Water Authority; and MWD’s potential use of its taxing authority to recover WaterFix costs.

Click here to read the delegates’ letter and the MWD response.