MWD’s Long Range Plan Needs More Analysis

The latest draft planning document by the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California do not reflect plans by at least 8 of its 26 member agencies to permanently reduce their future demands for MWD’s water supplies.  This is only one of several concerns raised by San Diego County Water Authority delegates to MWD’s board of directors.  In a January 10 letter, the delegates voiced their desire to have deeper discussions about the impact of local water supply plans, higher rates and increased conservation on MWD’s main water planning document called the Integrated Water Resources Plan (IRP).

The delegates expressed their trepidation about relying on a document that did not include “deliberation of MWD’s reliability and water supply development “targets”, because those targets greatly impact the cost and affordability of MWD water…. An IRP that does not consider and incorporate actual available data and affordability creates a material risk that MWD investments will be made on illusionary foundations. Ultimately this Board of Directors will be accountable to the public and ratepayers we serve.”

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