Taxpayer Advocates Outraged by MWD Spending

The Yorba Linda Taxpayers Association in Orange County is calling out MWD for “shocking” fiscal mismanagement.

“MWD overcharged Southern California water users over $847 million between 2012 and 2015,” said the association’s June 8 newsletter. “Our residents and businesses in Orange County overpaid a whopping $122 million of that amount! This is money that MWD collected over and above all its budgeted expenses, meaning one thing. MWD has been setting its water rates way higher than necessary.”

The article outlines overspending and unplanned borrowing by MWD. “I’m astounded that MWD has been allowed to get away with such reckless behavior, all at the expense of Yorba Linda residents and businesses,” said Ed Rakochy, of the taxpayers association.

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