Your voices are making a difference!

“THANK YOU!” to everyone who is speaking out  against increased water rates – you are making a difference! More than  200 water ratepayers from throughout Southern California have made their voices heard by filling out the “Speak Out” form on this website. Those comments are sent directly to MWD.

Even though the MWD board of directors passed higher rates than necessary, they rejected the MWD staff option, which would have raised wholesale water rates an “average” of 7.5 percent in 2013 and 5 percent in 2014. (No one pays average rates, and by the time the increases are passed to the retail customer – in other words, you – the rate increases are often higher.) Instead, under pressure from ratepayers, MWD’s board passed 5 percent increases for 2013 and 2014.

But it’s not over. Now, MWD’s 26 member agencies will be meeting in their own board rooms to decide how much to increase rates. So, it’s important that you keep the voice of the ratepayer strong by sending in your comments.

Click Speak Now to send your message to MWD’s Board of Directors.

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Here are some of the comments we received:

Raising rates will hurt families like mine who are struggling to make ends meet. We have cut back our usage and use rainwater collection, won’t you also cut your expenses before passing the buck to us?
— Tammy, San Diego

Cut agency costs and profit lines. Stop penalizing customers for conserving!
— Janice, Valley Center

Like all good business practices it is more prudent to trim waste and frills before raising costs.
— Amy, Alpine

I’m a young father of four, please stop the rate hikes!
— Ryan, San Diego

I have a grove of 220 lemon trees providing fruit for the community with minimal landscaping and the rates are absurd!!  I cut down my water usage and the bills increase.  I have bills at times of $1,200 bi monthly which is ludicrous for WATER!  There must be some efficiencies that you have overlooked…  I think it prudent that you try to save money elsewhere before simply passing along exorbitant rate increases!
— Ole, Rancho Santa Fe

I work in education. We’ve had to cut our budgets over 20%. My salary was decreased last year and will most likely go down again next year. You need to cut your expenses just like everyone else. Please do the right thing.
— Judi, San Diego

What hidden agenda has the MWD got in store for us this time?  Enough is enough.  It’s about time and probably overdue that the MWD gets a very sound and honest investigation by the State Attorney General and the FBI… The average homeowner can not keep up with these expenses any longer!  This whole thing is an OUTRAGE!
— Stanley, Chula Vista

Please stop raising my water rates! This is out of control! I’m on a fixed income and can’t pay any more! You’re out of touch with reality. How much do board members get paid?!  Stop all this back room shady dealing and misinformation! You should be ashamed of yourselves!!!
— Joseph, San Diego

Raising water rates at this time when people are struggling to make ends meet shows that the Metropolitan Water district has no conscience. They know it is a sham.
— Nelda, Spring Valley

I am retired and flat out cannot afford the raises in water rates. Please curb your spending internally, not on our dime.
— Steve, Vista

— Toni, San Diego

Water is getting as expensive as gasoline and we can’t afford this. Please do not incease your rates.
— Andrew, Lemon Grove

In today’s economy, we all need to be responsible citizens and share the burden. I am a teacher and all of us are working so hard through the budget cuts to maintain education for the future of our country. Sacrifice is demanded, frugality is needed. Please, cut your costs through reduced salaries and creative business practices, so that you do NOT raise water rates again. The people can only bear so much inflation, we are going to break!
— Elizabeth, Oceanside

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*Some comments have been condensed and edited for space and grammatical purposes.