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Questions Expand After Changes in MWD’s Ethics Office

The recent departure of MWD’s ethics officer and the appointment of an interim officer is raising new questions about the independence of the critical post.  The LA Times reported that Deena Ghaley stepped down on Sept. 12, saying it had “become ‘impossible’ for her to carry out her duties of creating, administering and enforcing ethics […]

Mismatched: MWD Overstates Demand for Its Water

One of the most active environmental groups in California water issues is raising serious questions about “mismatches” in MWD’s water supply plans that could result in spending millions of ratepayer dollars unnecessarily. The central problem raised by the Natural Resources Defense Council is that MWD is overstating future demand for its water by undercounting the […]

Is MWD Trying to Silence its Ethics Officer?

The Los Angeles Times reported this week that MWD hired a Washington, D.C., firm to review recent cases handled by the ethics office. MWD board member Sylvia Ballin, who represents San Fernando, told the paper that she fears the investigation is part of a larger effort inside MWD to undermine the independence of the ethics […]

Water Authority Delegate Seeks Answers on MWD’s Costly Failed Strategy

A Water Authority delegate to MWD’s board of directors is pressing MWD for answers about its interest swap program that reportedly squandered tens of millions in ratepayer money and could lose even more. MWD has paid nearly $88 million to get out of a series of “risky” financial ventures, and the agency still has a […]

MWD Bets with Public Money, Loses Nearly $88 Million

MWD has paid nearly $88 million to get out of a series of “risky” financial ventures, and the agency still has a liability of $71.5 million related to those deals, according to an investigation by the Voice of San Diego. It says those payouts and the remaining liability “show Metropolitan got the raw end of […]

Local Mayors Support Rate Case While MWD Misstates Facts

The San Diego Union-Tribune recently published a commentary by four San Diego County mayors that outlined “Why San Diego should stay the course in water agency litigation.” It was posted online Aug. 2 and in the print edition on Aug. 3. “While MWD says no ratepayers win when large water agencies spend years in court, […]