MWD Poised to Justify Spending Billions on Unnecessary Projects

According to MWD’s own data in its 2015 Urban Water Management Plan, the Los Angeles-based water agency is materially overstating future demand for its water.

  • This overstatement threatens to waste billions of ratepayer and taxpayer dollars as MWD pursues projects to meet demands that don’t exist, according to the agency’s own data.
  • MWD has made an arbitrary assumption that only 20,000 AF of more than 205,000 AF of local water supply projects that are in the works across Southern California will be built.
  • MWD’s assumptions could lead to higher water bills across Southern California to pay for unnecessary water projects.

Read a May 2, 2017, letter from Water Authority officers to Southern California leaders about MWD’s faulty planning assumptions. The Water Authority aims to engage elected officials and community leaders across Southern California so they pay closer attention to MWD’s fiscal practices and start asking questions.

Read the Water Authority report comparing MWD’s UWMP assumptions to data provided by MWD’s member agencies.