Is MWD Trying to Silence its Ethics Officer?

The Los Angeles Times reported this week that MWD hired a Washington, D.C., firm to review recent cases handled by the ethics office. MWD board member Sylvia Ballin, who represents San Fernando, told the paper that she fears the investigation is part of a larger effort inside MWD to undermine the independence of the ethics office.

“For the first time, I thought we really and truly had an ethics officer that believed in ethics,” said Ballin, a former MWD employee. “And I feel like her hands are being tied.”

Ethics officer Deena Ghaly told the Times that she is concerned that someone at the MWD is seeking a particular result from the review. “We handled a couple of politically sensitive matters, and it seems like this was kind of a response to that. That feels different from an overall review of what our office does,” Ghaly said.

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