MWD Refuses to Allow Vote on Twin Tunnels’ Cost

The Metropolitan Water District on Monday undermined the rights of 19 million ratepayers across Southern California to know how much the state’s $17 billion WaterFix proposal will cost them.

MWD’s Water Planning Committee Chairman David DeJesus refused to allow a vote on whether staff be directed to prepare a report detailing the costs of the WaterFix to MWD’s member agencies and how those costs will be allocated between increased water rates, property taxes and other charges.

Without that kind of analysis, MWD is poised to continue its long streak of avoiding the hard questions about the costs of the state’s twin-tunnels project while staff is at the same time fanning out across Southern California with a major PR campaign to support the WaterFix project.

Keith Lewinger, a Board member representing the San Diego County Water Authority, made a motion for staff to provide this information at next month’s meeting.  Every board member in every water agency in Southern California should be making this responsible request on behalf of their ratepayers.  MWD should disclose detailed cost information BEFORE proceeding further.  Instead of being supported, however, his request was summarily dismissed.

Read the transcript of the interaction here:

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