Letter to Jeff Kightlinger from Water Authority

MWD says it was just kidding

MWD General Manager Jeffrey Kightlinger sent a letter to U-T San Diego Chairman and Publisher Doug Manchester last Friday.  He wanted to let the paper know that the Secret Society alias used in several emails was just a “joke.”  His letter did not address why the group uses a secret website…  or private gmail accounts… or why they lamented that the discovery of their “Anti-San Diego Coalition” was leaked by one of their own… or why they decided to “sanitize” their meeting agendas after they were exposed.  His letter was also silent on the “invitation-only,” “pay to play” membership structure of the group.

View the documents from the California Public Record Act request that discuss the Secret Society

In the letter, MWD also tries to “explain away” several serious issues raised by the Water Authority (and some that were attributed to us, but actually raised by others, including the news media).  

As explained in Water Authority General Manager Maureen Stapleton’s letter to Jeff Kightlinger today, it will be up to the courts — and not MWD — to decide the legal effect and implications of the documents the Water Authority obtained under the California Public Records Act, and which it introduced into the administrative record at MWD’s March 12 public hearing on its proposed 2013 and 2014 rates.  

The Water Authority believes the documents speak for themselves – and speak volumes about the intentions and bad acts by MWD and a majority of its member agencies to discriminate against, and overcharge the 3.1 million people we serve.  That’s why we posted them on www.MWDFacts.com for everyone to review and reach their own conclusion.

Despite MWD’s attempts to sweep this all away under the banner of “jokes” and “jest,” we fail to see the humor.

 Read the Water Authority’s response to MWD’s letter to U-T San Diego Publisher Doug Manchester

 Read MWD’s letter to U-T San Diego Publisher Doug Manchester