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MWD Votes to Collect Even More Money from Taxes

For the third year in a row, MWD’s board voted to increase the amount of money it collects from property taxes. MWD has collected almost $800 million more than necessary to pay for items in its adopted budgets over the past three years, so the collection of more revenue from taxes was not, and is […]

Essential Means Essential… Not Excessive

Once again the giant Metropolitan Water District of Southern California is playing games with our money. This time they’re playing games with our tax dollars by claiming the tax increase they are asking for is “essential” when the taxes are, in fact, “excessive.” MWD is back again this year, asking us to suspend the property tax […]

Time to Stop the Shell Games .. Time to Start the Transparency

Once again the giant Metropolitan Water District of Southern California is playing games. This time, they are playing shell games with our ratepayer money. Unfortunately, these shell games have real consequences – we could be facing increases in water rates of at least $15 per acre-foot. Here’s how the ratepayer shell game works: Piecemeal Decisions […]

MWD Asks for $450 Million for Turf Replacement

After a two-week break to revamp the modifications to a conservation program that has ballooned from $40M to $100M with  no end in sight, MWD staff now recommends that the program be funded at $450M, more than 10 times the original biennial budget for FYs 2015 and 2016, and only enough through fall 2015. Monies […]

Accountability Lacking for Millions Spent on Turf Removal

OPPOSE: – Programs funded with ratepayer dollars that lack accountability. As delegates representing San Diego County at the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, we will be casting our votes in opposition to spending hundreds of millions of dollars of ratepayer money subsidizing turf replacement. We oppose the proposal because: Lack of accountability. In spite […]