Public Support

Thousands of Southern Californians have joined the Water Authority’s call for fair, legal rates at MWD and an end to the secrecy that’s become a hallmark of the agency. They have done so by following MWD Facts on social media and sharing posts, writing letters and emails to MWD, and even taking time from their schedules to testify at MWD Board meetings.

In addition, numerous city councils and other government agencies have lent their support the Water Authority’s lawsuits designed to force MWD to comply with the law when setting rates.

Voices of the Ratepayers

Residents have also shared their feelings about MWD. Here are some of the comments we received:

Raising rates will hurt families like mine who are struggling to make ends meet. We have cut back our usage and use rainwater collection, won’t you also cut your expenses before passing the buck to us?

Tammy, San Diego

I’m a young father of four, please stop the rate hikes!

Ryan, San Diego

I work in education. We’ve had to cut our budgets over 20%. My salary was decreased last year and will most likely go down again next year. You need to cut your expenses just like everyone else. Please do the right thing.

Judi, San Diego

What hidden agenda has the MWD got in store for us this time?  Enough is enough.  It’s about time and probably overdue that the MWD gets a very sound and honest investigation by the State Attorney General and the FBI… The average homeowner cannot keep up with these expenses any longer!  This whole thing is an OUTRAGE!

Stanley, Chula Vista

Please stop raising my water rates! This is out of control! I’m on a fixed income and can’t pay any more! You’re out of touch with reality. How much do board members get paid?!  Stop all this back room shady dealing and misinformation! You should be ashamed of yourselves!!!

Joseph, San Diego

Raising water rates at this time when people are struggling to make ends meet shows that the Metropolitan Water district has no conscience. They know it is a sham.

Nelda, Spring Valley

Note: Comments have been edited for space and grammar.