Water Authority calls for the public’s business to be conducted in public at MWD

The San Diego County Water Authority is calling for MWD to hold its policy discussions in the MWD board room, not in backrooms across Southern California.  On October 4, the Water Authority’s General Manager sent a letter asking several MWD member agency managers to end MWD’s practice of discussing MWD agenda items in a series of monthly “caucus” meetings – most of which are not open to the public – and instead hold these discussions where they belong: in MWD’s publicly noticed standing committees and board meetings. To read the letter, click here.

The call to end the private meetings is reinforced by documents obtained by the Water Authority under the California Public Records Act that  exposed a disturbing pattern and practice by MWD and its member agencies of meeting in secret. Earlier this year, thousands of documents revealed that a voting majority of MWD member agencies have been meeting in secret since 2009 to develop policy positions, including rate discussions, and to organize votes to  ensure their passage.  Many of these documents were posted by the Water Authority on this website.  To view a PowerPoint overview of the documents and the findings, click here.  To view the documents released in a binder to the media and the community, click here.